Monday, July 23, 2012

Camp Akeela - Drop Off Day

Today D started his 24 day stay at Camp Akeela.  Camp Akeela is designed for Asperger's kids and targets help improve their social skills.  I am hopeful this is a wonderful learning opportunity for D.  To learn, have fun, make friends, and lay a foundation to become the best person he can be.  He seemed to be excited for the camp.

As for me, I am excited for him too.  Below that excitement simmers a nervousness for my son. 
My son being on his own for the first time.  How will he cope?  If he gets scared at night who will be there to soothe him?  Who will help him? Will he fit in?  Will he make friends?  Will others make fun of him?  Take advantage of him?  I know I can't protect him forever and D lets me know that every day.  But the Dad in me wants him here, home with me.  Safe from the world.

I know this is a leap for D.   A leap for me too.  We received a call tonight telling us that D was doing well.  However he did have some moments where he was sad.  He told them he missed his family.  That crushed me.  The funny thing is on the way home from Vermonth all of his siblings expressed how they missed him too.  Even little A.  That touched me too - we recognized a cog in our family circle was missing.

On day 1 of this journey I am hopeful for a change in D in the coming weeks.  I am hopeful for a change in me too - learning to be a Dad of a growing 10 year old boy.  Lets see where this journey of emotions takes us over the next 24 days.  I'll chronicle it daily and will look for support through prayer and my social network community.

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TC said...

John we dropped off Aidan last year at Camp Ramapo for only a week and I had all the joy, fear and every other emotion you are feeling. It will be a good experience for him and give you some of that separation you will need to let D grow up into the independent man you want him to be. Be strong brother and dont worry cause he will be ok...