Thursday, August 09, 2012

Growing a Playoff Beard

I decided to keep my Playoff Beard growing until D returns home one week from today.  If you don't know about the Playoff Beard tradition - read about it here.

Who knows, I may shave it off today (I get antsy like that).  My thinking is I want to be in unison with my son.  Through this time apart,  I figured out what bothers me most.  It's that we are missing an integral part of our family.   A piece of the pie is missing and it is noticeable.  There were actually times throughout these 3 weeks where we were looking for him.  Waiting for him to get out of the car.  Looking for him in his room.   We knew he was away.  But we still looked for him.

You also reach a point throughout the camp stay where there is acceptance on both sides.  We are apart from each other and how do you cope - whether at camp for D or home for us.  I know there are parts of the camp that makes him uncomfortable and I accept that.  They are pushing his buttons from a social / interpersonal way and he is completely void of any technology.  That has to be hard on any kid.

I've prayed for D every day.  I've fasted for him.  I am growing my beard.  Doing very small things to stay connected with my son.  Like any Dad would.