Friday, July 27, 2012

Re-thinking Autism: What is my Hope?

What exactly am I hoping comes out of this camp experience for my son?  Do I expect him to be cured?  A Harvard Research Study thinks that can be done.  I have never given an official cure that much thought.  Progress yes.  A cure? No.

Rethinking Autism captures the essence of Autism in adults.  It also captures effectively the feelings of those around & impacted by Autism.  Watching the British Open this weekend I learned that Ernie Els does a ton of work for Autism - Els for Autism.  Another Dad impacted by Autism through his son.

What is my hope?  My hope is that camp helps strengthen his social skills foundation.  A foundation for D now but especially as he matures into middle school and beyond.  My hope is that camp helps him navigate life's murky waters.  D as an adult seems so far away but I still need to help prepare him for life.  My hope is that camp makes D comfortable in his own skin and in the world around him.  My hope is that camp will help him thrive in life and not just survive.

In fact, my hopes may not be different from any other Dad - autism or not.

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