Saturday, July 28, 2012

How a Man Deals with Adversity

"The measure of a man is how they deal with adversity" - Bill O'Brien, Penn State Head Coach

Today I read this article on O.B.  I have been a fan and friend of his for a long time but the article resonates even more for me today.  Strength and resolve are grown through your life experiences especially how you get up after getting knocked down.

Today was filled with mixed emotions.  D called us today from Camp Akeela.  The call quickly turned emotional.  He misses home.  We miss him.  The tough part was also receiving a letter from D in the mail.  His earlier letter was upbeat.  Today's letter was not.  They are pushing him on his social skills and that can not be comfortable for him. 

The Camp Akeela experience is also taking ME out of my comfort zone.  Historically I am a life fighter (losing your Dad at 17 will do that to you).  However as I've grown older,  life's adversities make me insular.  I drift quietly away from family and friends.

I remember first hearing the words Autism for my first born son.  That was tough.  I remember telling our parents.  That was tough.  We've had emotional moments with family and friends along this road.  I am giving all I can for D in every way.  Any Dad would.  Camp Akeela hopefully is another gift for us all.

I take a life lesson from my friend and fellow Dad, O.B. "A man knows how to handle adversity, how to meet it head on and how to get through it."

This is not football.  This is life.  Real life.

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