Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Grateful Dad

Not Fathers Day yet but I am grateful.  JP's gift was a "meat rub" (no pun intended).  After his baseball game, we grilled steak on the BBQ.  Not a bad pre-Fathers day dinner.

After dinner, we played soccer and baseball in the backyard.  The evening ended with my sitting on our back deck and watching the kids play til the sun set.  I admit - I dozed off for a minute (or two).  It was a peaceful evening.

Kids are now in bed (except A who is sitting on my lap).  I realized these quiet evenings don't come very often for us parents.  You may agree that we need to cherish these moments.  Cherish the quiet times with your kids as well as the quiet times to "smell the roses".  There was a couple of moments tonight when I looked out into the woods and I said to myself - "God is good!"

As a father I am grateful for many things.  Tonight is enjoying the calm before the Fathers Day storm.  There is peace, quiet, and joy in being a father - I am relearning that I just need to look for it.