Friday, May 18, 2012

Daddy and Me

The corresponding photo is from J's 5th birthday....Today she turns 12.  I feel bad for her being my first child because I am learning how to be a father through her.  Even now - I am learning not to parent her as if she is still 5 years old. 

My daughter is 12.  She needs me to be protective, loving, level-headed and give her freedom..... ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  I don't have it figured out - but I am learning a lot about me and how to be a family guide.

My daughter is creative.  I re-learned that again today when she baked the most BEAUTIFUL cupcakes for her class.  I drove her to school and we had a really good time.  We talked....well she talked and I listened.  That was good.  I know being the first is tough (just like me).....she has to be the leader of the kids.  Having a sibling with Autism can't be easy either.  But this was good.  I miss that daddy and me time with her.

As I look at the picture I wonder if I miss that five year old stage.  Or maybe I parent her as if she is still five years old?  Something to ponder as I celebrate the beautiful girl she has become.  Daddy and Me....forever we will be.