Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Talk About Curing Autism.

Read this letter. Very simply, this letter helps to give us a glimpse into David's world. Even better, it shows us how he perceives and interacts with the world around him. After reading, I gained a deeper respect and understanding for David. This understanding further encourages my patience and love for him and all my children.

> Read "Dear Family & Friends" Letter
> View TACA Website

Monday, January 22, 2007

Love and Respect

I am struggling with respect. Specifically, respect from my children. I feel I have overloved them - that is, many hugs, excitement with their joys, a shoulder to lean on when they are down, given them whatever possibly I can afford. In a sense I feel taken for granted. But yet I know there are times during the work week where time with them is limited. So maybe that is the center of the issue? Not sure. While investigating I will continue to humbly love and serve.

I do know that when I dont feel respected it is hard to love. If my kids are not feeling loved, it is hard for them to show respect. Is this a family circle all Dads encounter? I continue to investigate.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ode to Fathers Who Blog

I have not explored yet, but I hope to read other dads experiences through their blogs. I also like the props given to fathers who blog.

I am also the type of dad to help other dads (giving them some sort of clue). I happily share any wisdom I have regarding pregnancy, labor and childbirth. To be honest, I literally thought the baby POPPED out of the womb. Never in my wildest dreams imagined the labor process. So I pass along as my duty to all men the following article - What every Dad should know about Labor. Good Luck y'all.

NIGHT NOTE: JP and I played balloon catch tonight. This little guy is amazing. Clearly feeling under the weather, but none the less - eager and willing to play catch (with all his heart and pride)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Strong Families include Strong Fathers

Blogging allows me to be introspective as well as focus on improvement. This is especially true in becoming an effective father. What I find enlightening is that there is a website for fathers. I'd like to learn more about this site and others.

I find it fascinating there are wonderful resources for fathers. But I wonder, do you really need a manual to be a father? Do we need a step by step guide to be a Dad?

After 7 years of fatherhood, I wonder what fatherhood books I missed or could write.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Stagmania is running Wild

On Saturday, I attended the Fairfield U. vs Manhattan Jaspers basketball game in the Bronx. 3 future Fairfield Stags - Jaclyn, David & JP - joined me. It was a blast having them with me. The sounds of the PA & the substitution horn were painful to David's ears. He communicated to me that the sound was bothering him, yet I persuaded him to have courage & fight through it. He did & I was very proud of him. I was also proud of Jaclyn who made friends with everyone. She is a beautiful little girl.

David realized at halftime how easy it was to run on Draddy Gymnasium court. This was not good as JP agreed this was also fun to do. Most of the 2nd half was spent playing a zone defense on my boys.

I asked Jaclyn & David what they enjoyed about the basketball game.
Jaclyn said, "I made a new friend.....Samantha"
David said, "Dad, I love Jasper cheerleaders & I love Jasper dancers!"

Slight blow to my ego as there was no mention of the actual game.
Oh yeah, Stags lost.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Facts of Life

Today, we received a negative school report regarding David's behavior. We are concerned our worst fears are being realized that he needs further daily intervention (socially, OT work). We are more concerned that the school is blind to this fact. We now begin the process of researching alternative means to get our son help.

Along with the above, JP had a breakdown while out shopping, Abigail is sick and we are concerned with Jaclyn's schoolwork. THE PERFECT STORM! Can I get a witness???

However, the day included these 2 wonderful nuggets:
1 - I started my day by sitting with David and looking at a full moon. We talked about how the full moon was visible yet it was daylight.
2 - I closed my day by tucking Jackie in bed "like a hot dog in a hot dog bun". Then singing Jaclyn's lullaby, "I Love You Lord".

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the Facts of Life....the Facts of Life. (go ahead, sing it)