Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Out of Sight, Out of MY Mind

Funny day.    I finally felt RELAXED about Camp Akeela and with D being away from home.  Camp Akeela provides a parent portal to see photos and provide general camp updates.  I logged in today and saw TWO pictures of D.  These two photos actually showed him HAVING FUN.

Now I could be cynical and say this was a staged photo op.  But I wont :-)

The amount of photos I have with D showing a happy emotion and having fun.....I could count on one hand.  Seeing the photos provided a sense of relief that he is on the right path thus far and I pray for this to continue onward in the weeks ahead.

What I learned today:  When each member of our family unit is in a good state,  the family bond and core is in a good state.  As a Dad I know it is important for me to "have it all together" or at least demonstrate that I do.

Having D out of our family unit really hurt the core.  Each of his siblings have even expressed missing him.  Each one of us had to deal with the loss in our own way and it seems like we are now back to strengthening our family bond.

We wrapped up our day with an evening Family track meet  All the kids in the community run different events - 100 m, 200 m, 400 m and get "medals".  Parents can participate too.

My baby walked toward me after the races with an ice pop in her mouth.
She said (with 5 year old wild abandon), "Dad - can we get ice cream?"
I said (with Dad sensibility), "Um, aren't you already having dessert?"
She said (with conviction and a little bit of 'tude), "No Dad, this is just a Track Snack!!"  I had no response.

She was right - Ice Cream was a good way to celebrate this day.

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