Sunday, September 16, 2007

Telling Your Story

Today started a new year of CCD (Sunday School) for the kids. During this year's program, Jaclyn will celebrate her Holy Communion. Living this experience with my children, I am reminded of my days in a Catholic parochial school. I now have an appreciation for the Roman Catholic faith and especially an appreciation of living that faith (not just text book knowledge).

As parents, we attended an orientation for this program. The theme was for our kids to tell their story - their story of encountering Christ. After Day 1, we felt a comfort that God's grace is surrounding our family. David's teacher seemed excellent & his 1st Grade teacher is in the class. Jaclyn is in the class taught by the principal of the school. We wrapped up this sunny day (with a crisp cool breeze) to play in the "CCD Park" as David like to call it.

I learn every day about being a father & a Dad. I want to do right by them. I don't receive feedback from them, so I really don't know how I am doing (& I guess I will never know).

I want my children to experience physical activities like football, basketball and baseball (my sports). I support their new found physical activities like gymastics and soccer. I want my children to be intellectually stimulated at school & at home (trips to Bronx Zoo, etc). I want to be able to provide extra support when needed (whether it is time or money). I want my children to be spiritually fed. I understand it is a journey with hills and valleys. No expectations here - I just want to provide the foundation they can always rely on.

My struggles I guess lie in determining what activities to take on versus what not to take on. When should I lead, follow or move on.

Of course for me as a Dad my ultimate question is "How can I do it all with limited time & resources?" I suspect this question is one other Dad's are dealing with? I don't feel despondent. I actually feel challenged - very challenged to be a small part in helping my kids confidently tell all their life stories.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Family History & Memories

This past weekend we tried 2 new family things.

1. We attended the Norwalk Oyster Festival. Oddly enough, we did not partake of any oysters. However, we listened to an INCREDIBLE band named Ask Your Mom. Well, I may be biased as one of the band members is my co-worker Rob. But they rocked & the kids danced. The day ended with a trip to Pizza Hut.

2. On Sunday we attended the Greater Danbury Irish Festival. We had Irish food & I had Irish beer (Harp) with Aunt Kate. We listened to Irish music & watched Irish dancing. We learned what our names are in Gaelic. We found where our ancestors lived. We made sand art while spilling most of the sand on the floor. We played soccer & football (kudos to Uncle Mike). I enjoyed sharing my family heritage with my children. Note to self: Create family tree

I truly enjoy spending time with my family. I am a blessed man.

A New Season

I love new beginnings. I especially love the change of seasons. I believe that is because of my athletic background. As the seasons change, it signals the start of a new sport. The early morning smell of a freshly manicured football field. The high pitched squeaks of sneakers on a basketball court. The vision of seeing up close the fresh white chalk on a baseball diamond.

JP started pre-school today. He is ready and from all accounts he had a wonderful day. Jaclyn & David started school about 8 days ago (we attended each of their open houses). So 3 of 4 of our children are attending the same school.

I feel a sense of parental accomplishment today. It is a small but wonderful step. The start of something new and special. Go get 'em JP!