Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I couldn't sleep last night.  I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 2:22 am - wide awake and thinking of D.  At that moment, I decided to pray for him.  Prayed that he was sleeping well, that he was not worried, scared, or in any way in any kind of trouble.  I prayed that his sleep was peaceful and I prayed for his day ahead.  I prayed that he has made friends and will experience some big belly laughs today. 

As a Dad that probably is my biggest worry - that my kids are safe. I've never wanted to see them hurt in any way (since birth).   That has been my biggest worry right now that D is well - safe and not in any way in harm's way.

He has a running saying of "Dad - you are too overprotective!" I have a standard response of "Yep, that is part of my job description!"  He doesn't get the joke but stubbornly knows I will always be an advocate for him.  Maybe the distance will be good for us?  Maybe not?  Whether he is near or far away his Dad is in his corner - in mind, body and spirit.

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Gina P. R said...

funny how parenthood changes very aspect of who we are...I sometimes find myself in the same place that you did... a.m. and thinking, worrying wondering if I've done enough to keep my kids safe and away from harm. Then I pray...I thank God for the gift of them (no matter how hard the trials of the day were!)and ask Him withall I am that He keeps them safe.

My 15 year old knows everything (imagine...) and cannot understand why I have to ask so many questions. I simply say, "I'm filling in the gaps so God has less to worry about with you!" I make no apologies for it; I know that someday my kids will unlock that secret place in their heart that God has for parents. Then they'll understand that being a parent is so much more than our kids see...