Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Wife....she is da WO-Man

JP has a favorite shirt that says "My Dad is the Man!". He likes to feed my ego.

That being said, my wife is the WO-MAN! She always encourages, pushes, supports and is a driver of my fatherhood. By pure nature - I am not a father without her and this blog don't exist.

This past week I have appreciated her even more than usual. In a weird twist of fate (thank you Jesus), the negative stuff we experienced became a blessing of spending much time together. Time spent talking, listening, crying, laughing and time spent re-energizing and pushing life forward.

Thank you - to my wife. Thank you to the mother behind Fatherhood Matters.


jencc said...

hi johnnyo! was at a parents mtg at my son's school the other week. another father made the same claim you did---in fact he went further to say that he thinks that women are the stronger sex, physical strength aside. i'm sure your wife is one great woman! =)
(ps- thanks for visiting again. i've added you to my blogroll so i don't forget your url)

Princess said...

I believe that women are great, happy and blissful because of the men in front of them!
I congratulate you and your wife for being there for each other.