Friday, June 01, 2007

JP: The boy, the myth, the legend

I love JP. In fact, there is lots to like and love about him. He is lovable, cute, friendly, sensitive, athletic and quite simply a joy to be around.

To the right is a shameless promotional photo of my son playing with dirt.


SASSY MOM said...

First, for dropping by my space.

I admire dads who express their feeling about fatherhood! I do enjoy reading your blog.

Keep it up!

Manila Mom said...

I second what Sassy Mom said. Hurray for hands on dads who aren't afraid to show the world how they feel about their family! You and my husband and many more of your kind are the role models much needed by young boys.

JohnnyO said...

Thank you for your support! Dads like me appreciate it & need it. The writing continues :-)