Thursday, June 21, 2007

Color of Love

Tonight after arriving home from work, I colored with Jaclyn.
We colored in a tiny coloring book. It brought back memories of how much fun it is & how much i love art. I enjoyed the mixtures of color, the creativity. I enjoyed being with my daughter.

I kissed her on the cheek and I said, "Jaclyn, you know what?".
She replied, "I know Dad, you love me!"

For Dads - this is precious time. I enjoy those small moments - especially during the week when I am away all day. Some days if I leave early and the kids go to be early, I dont see them. I am similar to other Dads out there whereas i dont like days like that.

I will savor these small moments whenever they arrive.


Publisher, The Whited News said...

Thanks for the reminders about truly enjoying the small things. There have been a couple of events this week that has reminded me the very same thing. We all need to remember that tomorrow is never a guarantee and to live in the moment at all times, especially with our children and family.

Princess said...

You are so right!!!
Now, I am re-visiting my own moments via my grandsons. If only I can hold back the time!!!