Sunday, June 24, 2007

Autism Town

I recently came upon a virtual placed called Autism Town. I am interested in this for multiple reasons. First, I continue to try to understand how to interact with my son, David. Second, my technically curious nature has always drawn me to virtual reality. I have not checked out in detail yet; Autism Town has an striking resemblance to something I encountered a couple of years ago - the million dollar homepage.

It continues to amaze me how we (the virtual community) comes up with new ways to utilize technology. I am especially amazed at how this community supports each other - with comments on blogs or otherwise. I look forward to seeing what other technical advances are ahead for us, our world and our children.


steve johnson said...

Hi Johnnyo,

Great comments. Autism Town is a great use of technology. You may also find a new site for families/caregivers of children with autism to be very interesting as well. is a social site that allows users to network, form groups, have centralized information and more.

For day to day communication management, is a great site as well.

JohnnyO said...

Steve - awesome! Thank you for sharing.