Friday, November 03, 2006

Get Busy Living

Strange things inspire me. Rachel said to me one time - "you have a wonderful gift, you are a self motivated person". I am motivated to do a lot of things in my life at this time. The biggest motivation is to positively fight for my son. David has torticollis. The day Abigail was born, David was fighting a rash and fever. When those symptoms went away, he ended up with a stiff neck (turned to one side). Turns out this kink is torticollis. Tomorrow - physical therapy.

I now officially put my life under the category of "I can't make this stuff up". I plan to positively fight, inspire and battle life. I have a wonderful immediate and extended family. I have wonderful friends and coworkers. I am going to get busy living knowing that this too shall pass. Bring it on life - JohnnyO Bulldog is here........ with a smile.


Jen Stachowicz said...

Johnny O -- you are a Bulldog and can fight this! We too have to fight to find a cure for Blake and Mark Andrew's eye disorder. They both have what is called Ocular Albiism (OA) and Nystagmus. There is no cure for this genetic disorder. As it stands now, we know that Blake will not be able to drive. My Dad is his role model though. My Dad has OA as well and has never been able to drive a day in his life. He finds the good in everythng and has been very successful in his life! Even with glasses, this genetic disorder that they have prohibits them from driving. Something that we take for granted. I know it will be tough one day when his friends are getting new cars, taking girls out on dates, etc but we'll have to help him through those times. We are raising him to be very positive and have the self confidence that he needs to succeed! We too are willing to fight and do whatever we need for them and hopefully to find that cure one day.

There is nothing more that you can do as a parent then to raise them to the best of your ability and to love them unconditionally.

Keep fighting Johnny-O! Your son is very thankful for you and very lucky to have such a great family and support system behind him! You guys rock! - Jen Stachowicz

suz said...

i agree with your wife and i have told you many times myself and just this a.m. talked with googy and said the same. you are amazing. your wife is amazing.