Monday, November 06, 2006

Kudos to Aunt Kate

My sister finished the NY City Marathon today in 5:23:36.
This is a major accomplishment and I am very proud of her.

It was on my heart to take 3 of 4 kids to cheer for her. Unfortunately, David's neck, the cold weather and having a 9 day old baby (with recovering mom), we stayed home. Our plan is to ask Aunt Kate to do it again next year.

Jaclyn, David and I watched portions of the marathon on TV.
Jaclyn and David pulled their chairs close to the TV screen.
I asked Jaclyn, "Why are you moving your chairs so close to the TV?".
She answered confidently, "We want to get close so we can see Aunt Kate!"

Correction, not only am I proud of her, but we all are proud (especially her neice and nephew).

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Kate said...

You guys were there in spirit. Can't wait to do it again next year - in under 5 hours - and to see you guys at different mile points along the way.

Or better yet - daddy Johnny O can do it with me next year and the clan can watch for daddy, too...