Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Day My Daughter was Born

Abigail Elizabeth O'Leary
Born October 26, '06 @ 12:17 PM
8 lbs 11 ounces; 19.5 inches

"My water broke!" yelled my wife Rachel @ 3:40 am. Our neighbor Lisa came over at 4:15 am. We left for the hospital at 4:44 am. My mom came over at 5 am . My last words before we left the house, "Rachel, can you find my UNC hat?"

5 Highlights:
- Mom w/kids all day & Lisa arrival at 4 ("F*@# Incredible!" - Rachel)
- Rachel calls wrong number at 4 am. Rachel says, "Good Morning, Its time!" Unidentified awoken woman says "Great...Who are you?"
- Rachel in whirlpool during labor ("2 thumbs up!", says Rachel)
- Doula Services by Regina ("Phenomenal!", says Rachel)
- JohnnyO Baby Coaching Services ("You are Da Man!", says Rachel)

Scene of the Day
Nurse comes into the room to check on Rachel at 2:30 PM.
JohnnyO lieing on the couch. Rachel lieing in bed.
Nurse says "You must be pooped"
JohnnyO says, "Yeh, I am shot!"
Nurse says with a smile "No Dad, I was asking your wife"


Anonymous said...

Congrats Johnny-O to you and your family! Mark & I are so happy to hear your wonderful news! Children are a blessing from God and you and Rachel are truly blessed with 4 wonderful children. Enjoy your time off with your new little angel!

Moira said...

Father of four! My best to you and your family - and next time, put your UNC cap near your keys :)

Sean O said...

Hi Johnny O',
Great News! Very happy for you and Rachel. Best of luck to the growing O'Leary clan. Oh, and nice job with the blog, didn't even know you had one.

Anonymous said...

Bless the both of you. Can't believe you had a 4th. I'm completely overwhelmed with 3!!

Johnnie Klein
Hopefully Ann-Marie won't read this.

Dave T said...

This is all amazing stuff. Wishing all 6 (wow..... 6) of you lifetimes of heath and happiness. --Dave and Jo