Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pokeno & Happy Feet

Thanksgiving Day was spent at my sister Kate's home. Kudos to the OLeary-Vandaloo recipes. One of the reasons I love my sisters is because they are attune to family tradition. This year they purchased the game Pokeno. My sisters and I played Pokeno when we were young at our Italian family gatherings. We played literally for pennies with my Poppy, Nana, 5 aunts & 3 uncles. My sisters have now passed the Pokeno tradition down to my children. Jaclyn had a blast reading the playing cards ("Joker of Spades!"). Jaclyn even won a round. David seemed to have fun placing chips on the Pokeno card. JP was found throwing chips at Bailey (the family dog). It is surreal looking across the table at my daughter playing cards.

Today our family of 6 went to the Movies. I am not sure what to make of the movie, "Happy Feet". My gut reaction is I wanted more fun (ala Madagascar) and less thinking (the movie made me think of David). Beyond the initial fiasco of seating arrangements, the kids were great. At the end, with credits rolling - JP broke into dance (JP's dancing is really more of an intense running in place). While he continued his joyful stomp, I looked at Rachel with glee and said, "Happy Feet?!?!"

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