Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sibling Interaction - Old School

On Thursday night (anniversary of my Dad's death), I met my 2 younger sisters @ The Bayou in Mount Vernon, NY.

I hope we meet on this day every year. We toasted our Dad, had some laughs, ate some voodoo wings and drank purple haze. We listened to jazz, saw Elvis and had a figurine of Peter Criss on our table.

Driving home I was thinking that our sibling dynamics never changed. In some ways we interact as if we were in our formative years. I dont say this in a bad way - it just is and it is okay. These are 2 people that have known me my whole life. We are similar as well as different in many ways. We have shared lots of memories together and I am very glad they are my sisters. I would not change them in anyway.

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