Saturday, February 11, 2006

David Goes to Yale (Part II)

Yesterday we completed the Yale evaluation. I don't want to speak for Rachel, but I would say we are very happy with the services they provide - they provide a "no holds barred" report to us about David along with suggestions for his development.

Good News
- David is extremely bright - intellectually, reading, letters, numbers
- David likes people, he is social

Bad News
- David needs lot of improvement in social and emotional growth.
- David is currently at about a 2 year old level socially and emotionally.

- Because of his intelligence along with his rugged good looks (he gets from Dad), people externally don't see a lot of things wrong. In the case of the school system, he ain't that bad (therefore school says we don't have to concentrate our efforts on him). The doctor used the phrase - "The Devil is in the details". Which in the case of David means that at first glance he looks great BUT when you look deeper there are issues to work on - IMMEDIATELY. David relies or reverts back to his strengths - letters & counting to make up for his social or emotional weaknesses.

This is the end of our relationship with this Yale group - we now will work with another Yale team (across the street) for small children. All of the staff loved David (they were all women) and they will miss him. They hope that we continue to share with them his progress - which we plan on doing.

As we departed, the chief of staff looked at me and she said "You really have a wonderful rapport with your son". I smiled, welled up a bit and said proudly "Yes, That's my Boy!"

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Anonymous said...

When the Dr. commented the "devil is in the details" (twice, no less!) I was tempted to correct her and say, "No, GOD is in the details!" Why would I want to give credit to the devil who is nothing but a thief, liar, and deceiver? But I took a deep breath and stood silent because I knew that was not the time to evangelize. Even though her choice of words was poor, I understand what she was trying to convey. However, when I look at David and reflect on where he's been, how far he's come, and how spankin' beautiful he is, I can proclaim with confidence: GOD IS IN THE DETAILS! I love you my little prince!

Mommy-Rachel :)