Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sibling Interaction - New School

Upon arriving home from work - I played with all 3 kids in our basement (kids playroom). I just spent time with my siblings (see previous post) and now I am watching my children (and their sibling interaction).

First Jaclyn and I played catch. Then David and I played catch. Then JP and I played catch. Now you must picture this playroom with 3 kids. It is completely filled with toys for 3 diiferent age groups (2, 4, 6). There is no lack of fun things to play with (although they fight over the same toy).

Next it was time for the microphones - David and I sang "C is for Cookie", Jaclyn and I sang "I Love You" and JP and I sang "blah, blah, blah, blah" spitting all over the microphone.

Next was dancing time - "I like to move it move it, da da da....dadada da da da da da da". Jaclyn does a swan ballet, David says "Spin me Daddy" & JP does a combo of JohnnyO Caveman dance/Disco Duck

All 3 children are similar yet different. I am sure in some ways not unlike my sibling interactions. I wonder what their relationship will be like when they are older. Or maybe it will be just like it is now - just matured.

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