Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jackie and The Retrievers

I coach a basketball team named The Retrievers. This team consists of 10 wonderful 5 year old kids including my daughter, Jaclyn. I have coached other teams before and I really enjoy coaching. If I could do anything in the world (without worrying about paying the mortgage), I would coach. I have forgotten how wonderful it is to see the formation of the team - from first practice to the last game.

This team is especially interesting for 2 reasons. The first reason is because for some, this is their first exposure to basketball. The second reason is because I am coaching my daughter.
For Jaclyn, it is a combination of both of the above reasons - so in reality we are both not really there for the basketball - it aint the main thing. It it time for us to spend together - an informal date of sorts. We drive to practices & games together, we hold hands, she sits on my lap during breaks in the action. I sense she is proud that her Dad is the coach or at least that is what I gather from the conversation I overhear with her teammates.

Driving home from practice tonight, I was thinking how I reached this point in my life. WOW - I am coaching MY OWN DAUGHTER basketball. I wondered: What impact will this have on her life? Will she remember this basketball team? Does she realize how special this time is for me? Is it special for her? Then from the backseat I hear her say "Dad, can I do gymnastics?"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,

This is Abu. I was floored to see that you have been writing about you and the kids. This is great stuff; I'm glad that you are sharing your experiences and feelings in such a open way. There is a lot of poignancy in your stories, especially "Playing Catch" and "Good Days, Bad Days & Glum" And there's lots of joy and humor too (Retrievers, Three's Co.)

Keep it goin', Johnny; I hope to check in every so often.

Love, Pops