Thursday, January 19, 2006

Three's Company

Mornings in the O'Leary household are like a like a pot of boiling water. The bubbles start slowly but get faster and faster until they reach the boiling point. The OLeary household starts out quiet....then slowly one child arises, then another, then another until..... everyone is up (including mom & dad). During the week, I am usually already on the way to work prior to wake-up time. However it is a joy when I do get a chance to see the kids in the morning. Now we all got our funk in the morning - some are cranky, some are tired, some are joyful. But yet, there is a lot of stuff to be done - bathroom, getting dressed, brushing of teeth - and my wife makes it happen. She is amazing about the things she multi-tasks and gets done.

But the pleasure I find are the moments in time - moments you can't recreate or get back with the kids. This morning was one of those moments. But like I said above - we all are not always in synch in the morning - some take longer to get going then others (not mentioning any names.... David). We have bunkbeds - David on top, Jaclyn on the bottom. Now J.P. loves to explore and do what his older siblings do. Being on the top bunk is one of those things. This morning - J.P. decided to climb the ladder to the top bunk - which he succeeded in doing. Next thing we know - Jaclyn followed her baby brother up there ("just to protect him" - so she says). Meanwhile I am trying to get dressed and I hear my wife say, "John - you have got to see this".

I walk into the kids room and see all 3 kids on the top bunk - as Nana would say - they were "Happy as Larry". It was a priceless moment in time for all 3 kids to just be up there. J.P. running back and forth, Jaclyn providing stability for her mobile baby brother, and David playing with his car. Three was not a crowd on this morning - Three was pleasant Company.

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