Monday, January 16, 2006


One of things I love most about David is his laugh. My goodness, his laugh is soulful and contagious. Now please understand it is hard to know what makes him laugh. Yes, of course, simply tickling or picking him upside down does the trick for any 4 year old. But I guess this blog is my search of CONNECTING with David. Because for a long time in the first days, months and years of his life - I could not connect with him. I really love him so much.

Sunday night he was telling me that he had his socks on - very convincingly I might add. Now clearly I am looking at his feet - and there are NO SOCKS ON THESE FEET. I am staring at these cute toes and saying - David, I see toes, so if I see toes there aint no socks. He tells me again he has socks on. Well, I respond in my most convincing Bronx Italian accent - "David, if I see toes..... FORGETABOUTIT!". Well he starts cackling. We repeat this for about 15 minutes (of course with my beautiful 5 year old daughter jumping in)

Sure enough, he wakes up this morning, sees my wife and says - "Mom, if I see toes....FORGETABOUTIT!". My wife is convinced that David and I are officially crazy.

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