Friday, March 22, 2013

Newtown: 99 Days

Newtown, CT
Fairfield Hills Trail

Photo Taken: 
8 am 
22 March

99 Days.
Tough days behind us and more tough days ahead.
I was feeling ok today, upbeat and thinking of the color red.
I anxiously approached Fairfield Hills.
Then I cried.
A quiet walk.  Alone.  Thoughts of James.
I wanted my kids there.
I wanted to be with the larger group.
But this was my time.
A Coach's time with his player.
Not to talk, but to listen.
It was a cold morning but I did not feel it.
I enjoyed the walk.
I treasured the silence.
I missed that over these 99 days.
James brought that back to me.

Around the bend was a glimmer of red.
The red became a Sea of Crimson.
Kids laughter filled the air.
Red balloons took flight.

This is not a regular birthday. 
We commemorate with tears.

As I remember from Day 1 in "No Words from Newtown"
"I coached a boy who's eyes sparkled when he smiled. 
He did not need words to show his joy."

Thank you James for the Sea of Red.
You showed us Joy today in the midst of sorrow.
99 Days seems like yesterday.
From a coach to his player.....Happy Birthday


gael lynch said...

Just the High Meadow. Thinking and praying and tring to make sense out of the senseless. Treasure those memories! Happy Birthday to James!

Nick said...

Amazing words. Powerful stuff. Thank you.