Saturday, January 05, 2013

Newtown: A Town with Hope

“A modest glow of hope flickered to life within me, like a candle in the night. I had a plan and it was a good one. I only needed to survive to put it into effect” - Life of Pi

We as a town start to hope.  It is small hope, but it glimmers.
The media moves on.  But we are here.
We move forward.  Together.
We have hope.

Hope that our schools are safe for our kids.
Hope that our families are doing well.
Hope for a renewed joy for our Sandy Hook school community.
Hope for a day by day existence for the parents.

It is small.  It's a start.  But it is there.

Is it ok to joke now?
Can I truly smile?
Why do I still feel sad?
Can I still coach these kids with joy?
Why do I always think of ... What if?
Why do I continue to think of James' smile?
Where is my hope?

My hope is weak.  Not strong.  Needs work.

But I have faith.
Faith that we move forward. Together.  One step forward.
Maybe two steps backward.
But we hope together.  Hopefully stronger.
As one.

Hope is there.  To be nurtured in our tight community.  Forever.

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