Saturday, January 12, 2013

Newtown: How our Town Heals

"Will what happened to the Sandy Hook kids happen to me?" 
How do I answer this question from my 6 year old.

Our town is sad.  We have questions.  My family too.

We all grieve differently.  I've learned that lesson.  I respect that now.

I see the impact to my kids.  Some get quiet.  Some get loud.

We all heal differently.  In different ways.  In different times.  In different phases.

Our town continued to heal this past week.
Soccer Night in Newtown helped.
Basketball teams playing all over town helped more. 
A small step to help kids heal.
A small step to help parents cope.
A small step to help a town heal.

More to come this weekend.

I still don't have an answer yet to:
"Will what happened to the Sandy Hook kids happen to me?" 

Maybe I never will.
Maybe I don't want to answer it.  Maybe I want to ignore it, pretend it never existed.

I don't have a response.
I hug a little longer.  A little tighter.
My eyes waters when my kids leave for the bus.
I hold their head steady to look at me when I say "I love you".

I am learning to heal.
With my town.
With my family. 
In our time.

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