Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fathers and Sons

For the first time in a long time I feel like I connected to David - human to human.

For the past two days David has greeted me warmly and dare I say even happily. I asked him how his play date was and he explained to me why it was cancelled. This was all done in great detail (you have to know David to appreciate this). Today after greeting me I asked him how he was feeling (knowing he was feeling sick). He told me about his "green stickies on his nose" (in great detail of course). Basically he had a stuffy nose with green mucus.

JP had his first OFFICIAL play date. He was so excited to know his Dad was very proud of him.

There is one major thing I am (PLACE EMOTION HERE) about not doing with my Dad.
I never had a chance to have an ADULT conversation with him.

I really am striving to build a relationship with my sons now.
It hurts me when I am failing at that.
God willing, he will allow me that opportunity to guide my sons into adulthood.
I continue to beat up the treadmill pondering daily fatherhood matters.

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A. Martell said...

Wow. I was just talking to my daughter about HS and did a search on Google for Spellman. We were both in CSHS class of 1988.

Strange thing...Desi (remember her?), my HS sweetheart, another girl from the class of 1988, you and I all went to CSHS and we all have kids on the autism spectrum...

My son was diagnosed with PDD-Nos. He's 6 now. I have blog about it too:
Snow White, 7 Dwarves and PDD

(You can delete this comment. I was just shocked that 5 of us all have autistic kids. Take care.)

A. Martell