Sunday, March 25, 2007

Newtown Science Fair

Yesterday was a Science Fair at Newtown High School. I attended sessions with David while Rachel attended Sessions with Jaclyn. The first session we attended was about Eggs! David learned that eggs are Ellyptical (ask him that next time you see him). The second session was about Fire Safety. Their was a stop, drop & roll presentation from the firefighters as well as seeing all the equipment. It was quite a blast for me to see David in a school environment.

Our day continued with David & I attending David's Birthday at Funstation, USA! Again, it was a blast for me to see David interact with his peers.

5 Things I Learned about David on Saturday:
1. He raises his hand when the teacher asks "Does anyone know..."
2. He is more cooperative in class than I expected
3. David's classmates all greet him with excitement!
4. I think he has friends from school (at least that is my observation)
5. David is silly, funny, very cute & has a contagious smile

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