Saturday, March 24, 2007

Off To Work We Go

Yesterday, JP came to work with me. This is the first time for him. David & Jaclyn have joined me at work. I struggled with bringing JP as I was not sure what to expect & I do not want to intrude upon my co-workers.

JP wished everyone a "Good Morning" and was well behaved throughout the day. We had a lunchtime meeting (pizza) & then we left at 3:30. He met special friends Joshua & Sharon Sachakov who played with him. While leaving, he gave everyone a hug & kiss and told them "to have a good weekend". He is very special.

As we walked out together hand in hand, JP said, "Dad, thanks for the fun meetings you have" He fell asleep within 5 minutes of driving home. That's a great day!

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sean o said...

As one of the "co-workers", I've gotta' say, seeing JP at the office was a treat. I normally have to go outside and take a lap to break the "plumb and square" monotony of cubeville, but seeing JP there with his little Sachakov buddies was an indoor fix.

Typically I'm at my desk in a zone filling some "urgent" request to fix something on the site and I'll hear someone over my left shoulder, look up and find someone with another "urgent" request to fix some other bug on the site.

How nice for a change to turn around and, this time, look down to see the 3 amigos with the urgent issue; "we're out of apple". Finally! an issue of real importance! :)

Looking forward to the next JP visit (best to time it again with the Sach boogie tots).