Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stew Leonard's & Autism

Yesterday, David and I went to Stew Leonard's. He wanted to see his "musical friends". I believe we very much had a good time (our day ended with ice cream) - it is hard to tell. That is, he handled crowds well & listened when I talked with him. But David seemed unusually drawn to the musical characters in the store. But honestly - spending 3 hours with your son is beautiful - there ain't nothing like it.

Tonight was interesting. 60 minutes had a nice story, "Diagnosis: Autism". It was the revelation on how early intervention services (12 months & younger) helps "re-wire the brain". I felt proud of our early work with David but also emotional. Emotional in the fact of how far we have come, how far we have to go & especially for the families shown tonight. Afterwards, we quickly turned to Extreme Home Makeover - just to see the house. The show centered on the O'Donnell Family who had 5 autistic children. My heart & respect went out to them.

Finally, Jaclyn asked to read a children's book entitled, "He's My Brother" by Joe Lasker

Tonight was an emotional body blow, but an awakening for me to keep fighting.

I can't wait for David to wake up. I want to hug him.

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DT said...

your words are heart warming, and you have a great gift for sharing your thoughts