Saturday, February 24, 2007

Best B-Day Gift: Date with my Daughter

After adoration (at St. Marguerite's) & 8 am mass I had a date with my daughter. We went to the bank, the Newtown general store (for candy) & to the Red Rooster Bakery. It was great fun to place our order (crossaint for jackie) & sit down for our date. We just chatted - nothing major yet wonderful. When the food was ready, the waitress came over & said "Sorry for interrupting your date with your Daddy". That felt great!

Is there anything better? Thank you Jaclyn for the best gift.

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Pops said...

Hi Johnny,

I was still so hyped up from today's activity that I couldn't fall asleep; so I got on-line, started surfing, and visited your site, first time in a while, and saw this note.

It was beautiful to see Jackie and the other Kiddies today; thanks so much for bringing them; I hope the ballons didn't drive you crazy driving home. Anyway, I want to send you a belated Happy Birthday message.


Love, Pops