Friday, February 16, 2007

The Day My Father Died

19 years ago today, my father died. Not sure what, but on that day something died in me too.

3 recent events that reminded me of my Dad:
1. In January our family attended the Jack O'Leary Pasta Night. This night is a fun family night held at my grammar school in the Bronx. For 19 years they have celebrated and raised scholarship money for 2 graduates. The OLeary kids were excited to go see "Grandpa Jack".

2. Baptism of Abigail Elizabeth. Abigail's baptism and welcome to the Catholic faith this past Sunday.

3. This morning when Rachel mentioned to the kids that Grandpa Jack died 19 years ago today. Jaclyn responded, "Well, if his Daddy died, he must be sad today".

You know what, I am sad today.

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Anonymous said...

you father Jack was a great man.