Sunday, December 17, 2006

Live Nativity & GATB Party

Last night Rachel, Jaclyn and baby Abigail participated in a live Nativity. This event was held outside our church in a barn with a live cow, sheep, llama and donkey. Jaclyn played the role of an angel, Rachel played the role of Mary & Abigail played the role of baby Jesus. We had a great time especially when the congregation said "Amen" followed by a long Moooooooo from the cow.

After the Nativity scene, Rachel & I went on a date to the Suarez Christmas Party. It was very good to be with my wife. Rachel fell asleep on the way there & ya know what - I loved it. The most fun was chatting with my college buddies about our lives, especially sharing family stories (good & bad). Rachel also mentioned that she shared parenting stories with the GATB wives. We had a lot of fun & laughs late into the night. Now remember, these are guys I have known since I was eighteen (almost 20 years ago). To share our current lives, especially OUR KIDS lives is very special.

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