Sunday, December 24, 2006

Daddy is Santa Claus?

Friday night we celebrated Christmas with my family. When I was young, there was a tradition for my father to dress up as Santa - we still have the Santa suit. My sisters asked me to bring the suit & dress up for the kids (Jaclyn, David, JP, Abigail & cousin Isabella).

After dinner, I dressed in my sister's kitchen. I had the complete Santa suit on (including pillow as stomach) except for white beard, hair and hat. As I was trying to tie the belt, I turned around and David is standing at the kitchen door. David looks at me & says, "Wow, Daddy is Santa"

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Kate said...

That night was so much fun! The amazing part was how much the kids wanted to believe in Santa. Even though Jackie guessed it when she saw you fully dressed and David saw you getting dressed, they still looked at you with an eye towards the possibility that you really were Santa. Thanks for a lot of laughs and a great time! Next year I'll work on getting a neighbor to come down the chimney in the suit.