Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lessons Learned - 2006

With 2006 drawing to a close, I bring to you my top 5 Lessons Learned from this past year.

Top 5 Lessons in 2006:
1 - I need to learn different communication styles for my children. Jaclyn & David now require a more mature approach.
2 - Parenting means sacrifice (in a good way). If you dont want to sacrifice what is "YOURS" for others, than parenting is not for you. Specifically, I sense that I will sacrifice for their education.
3 - You live with the choices you make. It is not simply because you were given a bad deal.
4 - I want to be the type of man that improves other people's lives. A man with soul.
5 - A holy family perserveres.

Writer Note: This list can also be named as top 5 things I remember at the moment as child rearing has increased my loss of brain cells.

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mitchteryosa said...

I'm learning too... You see I am just a one year old parent and need more guidance on parenting.