Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Heart Aches

Seeing your son or daughter scrape a knee.....hurts you. Seeing your son under anesthesia after an operation.....mucho mucho heart ache. Seeing your son with a swelled up eye..... more mucho mucho heartache.

In the course of the week, JP had a swollen eye from an apparent insect bite and David had surgery to replace ear tubes. JP was amazing - swollen eye and all - happy as can be. During the week he even got his finger caught in the toy chest - but continued to play, clean up. All this while I applied ice to his finger. Simply amazing.

David was equally amazing handling the operation. Lots of scariness during and lots of post op hecticness, but he really bounced back well.

I know the pain on my heart with these minor setbacks. How will I feel when my daughter starts dating in 20 years (she is 6).

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