Friday, November 18, 2011

The truth about Autism

10 years ago this past Thursday, D was born.  With his birth brought for the first time into my life vocabulary the word "autism".  I can honestly say he has challenged me intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Starting this blog five years ago - it was a tribute to David as well as an outlet for me, his Dad.  I re-read posts from five years ago and I invite you to read the post I made on his fifth birthday.  Funny, those same challenges and fears from five years ago - hold true for me today.  I am challenged like never before to help my son lead his life abudantly.

A colleague and friend shared with me the Boston Globe article - "The truth about Autism".

As Gareth Cook writes, "THERE IS, living among us, a group of people with remarkable intellectual gifts."  

Yes there is....and I am blessed to know him.

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