Saturday, July 07, 2007

When did Al Gore become cool?

I have never been much for focusing on "being green" outside of buying Energy Star appliances and installing new windows in my home. Jaclyn has been focusing on recycling and has been instrumental in changing my thought process.

Today I watched Live Earth festivities and found it not only musical, but refreshing, focused, inspirational and organized and presented by committed people.

I have pledged and look forward to changing the world (in some small and fun way) with and for my children.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore has been cool much longer than just his recent global warning awareness grassroots efforts. pay attention!

JohnnyO said...

Thanks for the post & I appreciate the opinion - although an anonymous post loses its credibility.

JohnnyO said...

UPDATE: Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize (with a team of folks). YES, YES, YES AL GORE IS COOL!