Friday, July 06, 2007

Struggles of a Modern Day Dad

I am struggling with the demands of work and fatherhood. I would not say it is a negative struggle. I positively struggle with the demands of my career or my personal life (lets say golf) and wanting to achieve that.

SHAMELESS PLUG: I will soon post "101 things to do before I die" list.

But I also find great joy in being with my kids. I enjoy riding our bikes to the lake. I enjoy playing soccer, baseball and basketball with them. I even enjoy taking them on errands with me or cooking for them.

I also sense that may be more expected of a modern Dad. He is expected to be at the basketball games, boy scout and girl scout activities as well as perform at work.

I wonder if other Dads experience this as well? I wonder if women (Moms) experience this or do they feel different pressures?


evi said...

To be able to enjoy the things that children do, one has to be like a child, act like a child and feel like a child. And for me, fathers do this best than mothers. I think, it's a gift to be able to level with the child's thinking. Mothers are generally more serious, I guess. I know I am.

Princess said...

I see you in my Patrick (the second son) and how he juggles his time between his own fatherhood and work; and if I will base it on how we (my husband and I) were when our sons were little, you, Johnny, and my son, are super dads! (chuckle). My daughter-in-law and I leave the outside activities to our guys, (and some of the inside as well).