Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Strong Families include Strong Fathers

Blogging allows me to be introspective as well as focus on improvement. This is especially true in becoming an effective father. What I find enlightening is that there is a website for fathers. I'd like to learn more about this site and others.

I find it fascinating there are wonderful resources for fathers. But I wonder, do you really need a manual to be a father? Do we need a step by step guide to be a Dad?

After 7 years of fatherhood, I wonder what fatherhood books I missed or could write.

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Jeffrey28 said...

You are right to view blogging as a way to be introspective. And I am sure that you are finding that there are many fatherhood websites.

My name is Jeffrey Levine and I am a business coach, with an MBA, and a focus on fatherhood. My site is called What I discovered, through my own journey and conversations with others, is that many fathers want to have successful careers that they feel passionately about, but don't want to give up the connection with their kids and family. I was able to have both, and I am passionate about showing other Dads how they can also. My blog is called

Anyway, all the best. Please feel free to write, as I would love to hear about your challenges and discoveries.