Monday, January 08, 2007

Stagmania is running Wild

On Saturday, I attended the Fairfield U. vs Manhattan Jaspers basketball game in the Bronx. 3 future Fairfield Stags - Jaclyn, David & JP - joined me. It was a blast having them with me. The sounds of the PA & the substitution horn were painful to David's ears. He communicated to me that the sound was bothering him, yet I persuaded him to have courage & fight through it. He did & I was very proud of him. I was also proud of Jaclyn who made friends with everyone. She is a beautiful little girl.

David realized at halftime how easy it was to run on Draddy Gymnasium court. This was not good as JP agreed this was also fun to do. Most of the 2nd half was spent playing a zone defense on my boys.

I asked Jaclyn & David what they enjoyed about the basketball game.
Jaclyn said, "I made a new friend.....Samantha"
David said, "Dad, I love Jasper cheerleaders & I love Jasper dancers!"

Slight blow to my ego as there was no mention of the actual game.
Oh yeah, Stags lost.

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