Friday, August 18, 2006

Taking Your Kids To Work

One major memory I have of my father is going to work with him. He worked in the World Trade Center Twin Towers as a telephone technician. Imagine the excitement of a 10 year old spending the day with his father. As my father setup telephone systems I ran around corporate offices, stairwells, areas marked "employees only" and essentially was "behind the scenes" of 2 large towers.

Today David and Jaclyn came to work with me. They met a boy, Evan who is the son of a co-worker. They played and ran throughout the office. They attended meetings with me.

Our exchange as we walked out of the office.
Jaclyn: "Daddy, I love you and I love when you take us to your job"
David: "Yeh Dad that was cool"

I always worry about David in these social settings. Especially seeing him interact with his peers makes my heart wrench. He wasn't perfect, but he was great.

This might be an experience for today but hopefully will be remembered for many tomorrows.


suz said...

this made me cry.

rachel said...

with all the craziness of selling, packing, and moving twice i totally forgot about your blog. i feel awful about that. the latest entries are so beautiful and make me weep with joy. they are poignant examples of why i love you and would have many more babies with you. thank you for leaving our children with such a rich legacy of your manhood, fatherhood and spirituality. te amo siempre...