Friday, August 11, 2006

New Beginnings

I have not posted since May 31. Why? We sold our home in Stratford and now live in Newtown, CT. Needless to say, June and July has been unsettling yet exciting.

We spent the 1st night in our new home on August 6. That night prior to going to bed all 3 kids were running around the house. Since we have no furniture they found this fun. David stopped his running, looked at me and said, "Dad, this place is great!". Jaclyn stopped running, looked at me and said, "Dad, this place is so cool!"

That made this move all worthwhile.


Kelley said...

Hey Johnny O',
I didn't know that you moved. It sounds like things are going well. You'll have to email me your new address. I'm thinking of trying to have a bbq sometime in sept. for our Fairfield friends. Hope all is well.

suz said...

congrats on the move. tell rae i am still waiting on that house warming invite. email me your new addy so I can send you a gift.
love to your wife and the kiddos.