Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Smooka

My Smooka is five years old today.
Not sure when, how, or why I came up with this nickname for my baby.  However, the term is found in the urban directory so it can't be all bad? :-)

It's a bitter sweet day.....I love the joy, passion, enthusiasm, and light she brings to her life (and mine).  But there is a sense of loss.  For me, 5 years old is a milestone of sorts - a new beginning or a new stage for her (starting school) and for me (losing my baby).

So I will celebrate her life (probably a trip to Friendlys is in order) and I will reflect on what this day means for me in my fatherhood road.


Suz said...

Happy birthday to you both. She is adorable. Looks alot like you.

Loretta said...

wow! can't believe she is 5 already! your other kids must be so big by now :)