Friday, November 20, 2009

Doug Flutie # 22

22 is my favorite number. Maybe Doug Flutie's Hail Mary pass had something to do with it? Recently coming across his autistic son's website ( brought back memories.

We had a tumultuous couple of weeks for D - surgery, parties, lots of attention and noise - he finally seems to be in rhythm. I invited him out with me last evening and we actually had a conversation. He was engaging, open, insightful and responsive. This truly may have been THE BEST conversation we ever had in his 8 years of life. He also woke up the next morning "bright eyed and bushy tailed". It was truly a conversion. THAT is what keeps me going.

I have a lot more to learn about D and a lot to learn about autism.
Can we focus more on dietary impacts? Yes
Can we focus more on environmental impacts? Yes
Can we do this while staying sane? Yes - with the help of friends, family and the social networks out there.

Thank you Doug Flutie. Maybe you will give me more than just # 22.

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