Saturday, December 13, 2008

Females in Training (FIT)

Hats off to Jaclyn and Rachel who ran & finished a 5K last Sunday in New Milford, CT. The weather was freezing! Yet, they still perservered and did it! I am so proud of both of them. Proud of Jaclyn for:
- Sticking with the FIT program and completing her goal.
- Trying a new experience and meeting new people.
- Being athletic and aware of fitness

Proud of Rachel for:
- Commitment to fitness for the family
- Being a leader for Jaclyn
- Doing all of this WHILE being a mother of 4 along with working, teaching, GS leading, etc... (major props!)

We (the rest of the gang) cheered them on along the finish line. We played in the snow while we waited and as a Dad I hope it reinforced a couple of things:

1. fitness as part of our family (healthy mind, spirit and body)
2. supporting other family members (through good and bad weather)
3. take time to celebrate these times (All Aboard Pizza Shop with Abu & Ita)

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