Sunday, February 17, 2008

20 Years

My father died 20 years ago yesterday (Feb 16). Yesterday we honored him with Mass. We were blessed to have my friend Gino (whom I have known for 20 years) and his family join us & welcome us in his restaurant. Shameless Plug Alert: If you are in the Mahopac, NY area, you have to check out Gino's Trattoria. The food is fresh and tastes incredible.

It is hard to believe 20 years have gone by. It is hard to believe how far I have come from that turning point in my life. Truth be told, I never thought I would make it.

The highlight of the day was watching the kids. 8 kids in a restaurant - so well behaved, having so much fun together. They had a blast. I looked around yesterday and knew I was blessed.

Dad - we love you and miss you. Your legacy moves forward.

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Anonymous said...

no doubt Jack was a great man -

best regards -