Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Family History & Memories

This past weekend we tried 2 new family things.

1. We attended the Norwalk Oyster Festival. Oddly enough, we did not partake of any oysters. However, we listened to an INCREDIBLE band named Ask Your Mom. Well, I may be biased as one of the band members is my co-worker Rob. But they rocked & the kids danced. The day ended with a trip to Pizza Hut.

2. On Sunday we attended the Greater Danbury Irish Festival. We had Irish food & I had Irish beer (Harp) with Aunt Kate. We listened to Irish music & watched Irish dancing. We learned what our names are in Gaelic. We found where our ancestors lived. We made sand art while spilling most of the sand on the floor. We played soccer & football (kudos to Uncle Mike). I enjoyed sharing my family heritage with my children. Note to self: Create family tree

I truly enjoy spending time with my family. I am a blessed man.


Princess said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. And you are a blessed man, no doubt about it.

Aunt Kate said...

What a blast we had doing the simplest things... playing frisbee, football and finding the hidden trail behind the fountain. I truly love spending time with the O'Leary clan and am blessed by each person, individually. Thank you for sharing the day with us.