Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kids and Technology

When I was younger I owned a newspaper route (the NY Daily News). My route consisted of delivering 50 papers each morning. The papers had to be delivered - whether snow, sleet, rain, or sickness.

A pain point for me was collecting the money. I wonder why. I guess as a 13 year old kid, collecting cash from adults was intimidating. My pay consisted of taking home a percentage of each paper and receiving customer tips.

This had me thinking of how kids who deliver newspapers receive payment in modern times.
Payment today is mostly made online or via credit card.
In fact, I have not met the delivery person who delivers my NY Times each morning.

I believe the advances today are all due to technology. My children love the computer. They love computer games. My daughter loves Webkinz. Have you heard of Webkinz? Be afraid, be very afraid. My kids are skilled at using a computer. It is truly amazing the infiltration of technology into our children's lives. What are the positives you see with children using technology so early?

I love this stuff.....but honestly, I don't mind waiting a long time until they learn about credit cards!


louann said...

You know, what. I really don't know. I have no answer to your question. Sometimes it is a good thing but it can be scary too.
I remember my Dad telling me he used to earn by delivering newspapers (they used to have a family paper and printing press) and shining shoes.
I earned my money by teaching Taekwondo summer class before.
What can be next for the children of today? (gosh that made me feel old just saying that).

xiaolin momma said...

Well on a purely selfish level, they can change the tv channel themselves:) They know how to use the speed dial on the cell phone and can beat Darth Vader from Star Wars.

My son, who is 7, went to video game camp this summer - one week where learned to program his own game. I was astounded by his achievements. I suppose one positive is job security:)

cry it out! said...

Our newspaperman leaves nasty little christmas cards each year, begging for a tip -- probably because we have never met or had to pay him in person because of credit cards. I think the notes would be nicer -- and we would be inclined to tip -- if we actually met him once a month.